A New Year of Dance!

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So this week marks a new term of dance classes with Underbelly and I am feeling completely pumped. This year I am taking two classes; I am continuing with the beginners Classic Egyptian class and also taking a Tribal class.

My regular teacher for Classic Egyptian has gone to Egypt for the next three weeks and we have a sub taking her place. The sub is a lovely woman! I had my first class with her last night and she spent time evaluating our posture and correcting it, which is something normally overlooked a little by our regular teacher so I was glad for the tips!. We worked on gaining technique with a faster pace than we were used to and covered several traveling steps, which was so much fun! I can’t wait to see what we cover with her in the next class.

I haven’t made it to a tribal class yet, but a couple of my friends keep telling me how amazing it is, so I am excited to check it out for myself next week.

In addition to getting out twice a week to have some fun with friends, I’m hoping that spending 2 1/4 hours a week doing belly dance will help me start losing a bit of weight. It’s certainly works me into a sweat and it’s a very fun way to get moving!

Me @ Underbelly Kasbah December 2010



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I’m still sick. I’ve been really run down energy wise and the only thing I have managed to keep up with in the past few weeks is attending belly dancing classes and preparing for my initiation, which was help last night. The ritual was nice, a felt the energy of the room shift and I had a mini realization that has given me extra motivation to stay on task with my studies, so I’d say the initiation ritual was successful. You can read more details at my Druid Journal, Home Amongst The Gumtrees.

Now it’s time to go off and be sick some more…

Quick Update: Recovering

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I’ve been out with a really bad flu for the last 4-5 days and haven’t had the mental clarity to update, but apart from being sick I have had a great week! Despite being sick, I was able to get my ATF video done which I was proud of, since in the past I tended to let any excuse stop me from new endeavors. I also made it to my first belly dancing class last Wednesday and it was fantastic! The teacher is lovely and the class is a good pace. She offered us the opportunity to have a small part (either dancing part, or playing zills in the background) in the end of year performance, which is in December. I’m not sure if I’ll be saying yes or no yet. I think I may just turn up to be a spectator this year. I don’t think 2 months of classes will be enough to really feel comfortable getting on stage again, yet. I’m making it my goal to do the 2012 annual performance, for sure though! In the meantime, I will practice my yoga and my drills and enjoy the process of moving my body again. It’s been a long time.

I managed to get my hand on a Flip Mino HD for cheap (an unwanted gift someone was getting rid of). I’m going to grab myself a tripod and start using it for my youtube videos as well as record myself dancing to self-critique. Don’t expect any dancing videos any time soon, though. I’m not even letting Wolfman see me dance until I feel like I’ve got a bit of skill worked up!

I got my fraction of the savings accumulated in the shared account my sister and I had going from our previous shared living arrangements. It’s a very, very nice figure. I plan on spending a little on a few things I’d like to have for my initiation at the end of the month, the flip mino mentioned above and some on the fees I owe uni. The rest goes into savings for a rainy day. It’s good to have some savings again!

I have a few things I’m working for this site and off site, but that will have to wait until next time…

All Things Futhark: Week 2 – Prework for Runes

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Week 2 is well on it’s way for the collab channel. This week we talk about what we do before do divination or other workings with the runes.

I can’t embed videos on wordpress, apparently… but you can view my contribution this week, here.

Busy, busy, busy!

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It’s very early Monday morning, but I felt guilty for leaving it so quiet here over the last week I thought I’d get a quick update out. I have been a busy, busy girl! This weekend was full of social obligations (namely my Uncle’s 60th birthday and Wolfman’s step-brother’s wedding). And it’s not stopping there! I have a weekly commitment now to All Things Futhark (this week’s topic if awesome, by the way!), as of this coming Wednesday my evenings will be spent killing myself in a dance studio as I start my belly dancing classes and I am making preparations for my initiation at the end of the month.

The house is coming along slowly and steady, though we still have a couple of weeks to wait until our couch will be delivered. I got 90% of the junk and boxes in the soon-to-be temple room sorted out over the last week, but I need to figure out what I want to do with the space now and make arrangements. We’re heading over to the hardware shop before the end of the month and I’ll be getting enough wood to make four small crate-sized boxes and a large box. The large box will act as my main altar and altar to Freyja until I get a space just for her (I’d like to fix a shelf above the altar, but renting might present issues with that). The smaller boxes will be places to mark out the directional points in my circle for AODA ritual and will be stacked up to the side of the room like a bookshelf when not in use. Wolfman said he might get me the lantern candle holders for my “initiation present” (a way of showing his support), which would  not only look nice inside on the boxes, but would be handy if I got to hold outdoor ritual. I have almost everything I need for the initiation, I just hope I can get the temple sorted out and set up in time. I’ve got two weeks, so it should be feasible.

I’m taking a break from the ’30 Days of Paganism’ essays for a short while, probably until after my initiation because my spirituality has had a bit of a upheaval these past few weeks and some of my views and opinions are being effected. I do plan on finishing them, polishing them up and adding them to their own page so that new commers to the blog are able to read through them and gain a bit of insight into what I do and how I do it.

AODA Candidate Year: Curriculum Changes

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I’ve deicded to swap my spiral for the first degree to divination, particularly the elder futhark (runes). With All Thing Futhark having my attention focused on runes, I don’t want to spread myself too thin, or have my brain trying to think about too many areas of interest at once, because it just leads to confusion and I don’t retain the information I’m going over if I’ve got 6 topics spinning around in my head. I’ll save the bulk of the magic spiral for my second degree alongside healing.

So now my First Degree looks like this:

– Meditation (minimum of 15 minutes)
– Sphere of Protection Ritual
– Daily rune pull or divination spread for at least 9 week (270 daily divinations minimum)


– Movement meditation (Yoga, most likely) at least twice a week
– Spending time in nature at least 15 minutes once a week
–  Memorize a ritual for opening and closing magical space, and practice it at least once each week*


– Make at least 3 lifestyle changes for sustainability
– Write about holydays as they happen
– Read at least 3 books on divination and from them select at least 30 themes for meditation
– Read at least nine books on the natural history of the area in which you live & relate as much of this information as possible to your own experiences of nature.

(I am keeping a few aspects of the Magic spiral because I really think they’re applicable to my practice at this stage)

– Plant at least 1 tree in the year I am studying. (Planning on doing this on my initiation and tending during the year following)
– Prepare a wand, cauldron, and crane bag*
– Magically prepare at least 3 stones with different intents*
– Perform at least nine other divinations, besides mydaily readings, during my initiatory year
– Create a personal handbook of divination, writing out the meanings of each of the symbols in my divination method. (Half a page per symbol minimum)
– Write at least 3 pages on the importance of divination in Druidry
– Write at least 9 pages on the importance/significance of the Wheel of the Year

The books I have selected for the Divination Spiral are:

Nigel Pennick, The Complete Illustrated Guide to Runes

Diana L Paxson, Taking Up The Runes

Freya Aswynn, Northern Tradition Mysteries & Magick or something else… (I own the Aswynn book, but I don’t know if I really like it…)

Note: The * marked criteria are essentially optional, they are the parts of the Magic spiral that I really would like to encorperate into my practice now rather than waiting until my second desgree.

I’m thinking of making a second ‘access only’ journal or a password protected word press specifically for keeping all my degree-specific records together. I’ll share the url if I go ahead with it, but it would probably be a boring read to most.

Quick life update!

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Just a quick update to let you all know I have been super busy!

I’ve had a handful of social appointments I’ve been enjoying – the Melbourne Fringe Festival, brunch with a fellow witch, herb shopping, book shopping.. it’s been very fun.

I received my initiation with the AODA, which I will have to do solo, since there are no Groves in Australia. The ritual is lovely, but it one of the secrets for members only so I can’t give too many details away.  I’m taking this month to prepare and plan on my making initiation on October 31st (Beltaine Eve, coincidently). I’ve also decided to change my first degree spiral to Divination and plan on doing Magic alongside the Healing spiral in my second degree. I’ll be posting my updated curriculum later today.

The reason I decided to focus on Divination is because All Things Futhark has now gone live! I didn’t want to spread myself too thin, so swapping to Divination as my First Degree focus will make things easier to manage. If you want to check out the All Things Futhark youtube channel head over to here, or go via the sidebar link.

This weekend is busy yet again with my Uncle’s 60th taking up most of Saturday and then Wolfman’s step-brother is getting married Sunday. Then the week following belly dance classes start up and my Wednesday nights will be dedicated to shaking my booty.

Busy, busy! But I actually like it. It’s a nice change from being stuck in limbo.

I’m still doing the “30 Days” of Paganism, but I’m taking it a little slow while my plate is so full of other commitments.